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Bolton V Tottenham FT 1-1

#21 Guest_screwball1987_*

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Posted 23 September 2007 - 21:40

Im sorry i find it stupid Bale was not in the team And Tainio was and no less he was on the right??????????. Im sorry but Bale should be out on that left. And yet again we concede a bloody set piece which is becoming some what of an irritating fact.

I think Robbo needs to be dropped and let Cerny or Alnwick have a shout. And i have no idea why in gods name Tainio was out on the right even if Lennons not playing all to well i would still opt for him.

Kaboul (if he stops getting bloody injured)

that is what i want to see in our next game. Robbo is a disaster waiting to happen every game.

The only BLOODY posotive from this game if any was we didnt lose. It is anouying in the fact we should have taken the 3 points. NOT HAPPY AGAIN.

Sort it out Jol i know you can, so do it sooner rather than later.

#22 Guest_DublinSpur_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 23 September 2007 - 22:00

Right. Now I'm officially concerned.

Bolton weren't propping up the table for nothing this morning; they are currently a shambles. I think Sammy Lee probably has what it takes to steer them clear of relegation, but right now they are pretty dreadful and we should have put four past them today.

Something's just not clicking with the team, and you can't use the excuse of "bedding in new players" when you look at today's starting eleven. Every single one of them played a role in getting us to fifth last season.

Based on a dodgy internet stream and the extended highlights on Irish TV, we seemed to be playing like a mid-table team at best. But even that should have been enough to thump Bolton today.

I'm uneasy with some of Jol's tactics; he seems to bring on substitutes very late. Giving Lennon ten minutes to turn the game isn't going to work nearly as often as giving him 25 or 30. And we seem to be playing defensive football when all of our real strength is in attack. I understand that Jol has his reasons, but from where I'm sitting it just beggars belief that either Bale or Lennon didn't start (hell, why not both of them?), against a team that is clearly in a very fragile state. If we'd stretched the game to the wings today, Bolton's defence would have fallen apart at the seams. Instead we pushed everything through the middle and they just put men behind the ball.

I know this is back-seat management, and still I'm 100% behind keeping Jol at the club*. All the same, there's no point in being a football fan if you can't chat about how you'd organise your team.

* just because he has some flaws doesn't mean he hasn't got plenty of strengths... but when the team produces lacklustre performances and results go against us, it's the flaws that get focussed on. That's life.

#23 Guest_screwball1987_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 23 September 2007 - 22:12

I agree with what you say there Dublin. I am still scratching my head as to why Bale wasnt playing and if Jol was concened with Lennon he could have had Bale on the Left and Malbranque on the right. Not Tainio. I think we have some serious problems that need to be rectified and soon.

I can remember when we played the same back Four more than two games running. And im sorry Robbinson must be droped. It feels like this might be a poor season and mid table finish if im honest. It feels like everything is going against us and we cant seam to capatlise on Scoring chances. A more than questionable team selection today not happy at all. A negative if anything selection.

Play to ur strengths couldnt be more true but like most of our games we throw away the lead and let them in. if we concede one more corner or free kick i swear i will go nuts.

As previously stated the only real posotive is we didnt lose.

#24 Guest_jonny10_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 23 September 2007 - 23:44


no bale WHY?????????
bale shud of bin on the left steed on the right they bin best players this season
lennon on bench
tanio shudnt of bin in squad even
would of rather seen lee at left bk
why not defoe on bench instead of bent he luks hungrier 4 goals than bent

and if we had bale on pitch he could of stepped in at the bk if the was any injuries and we could of had more attacking bench

i really like jol but i do think hes starting 2 lose the plot a bit

GET IT SORTED NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !


#25 Guest_screwball1987_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 24 September 2007 - 08:08

This is becoming some what of a worrying situation. We now have an up hill battle and its our own fault. We must get back to winning ways. I feel one we pick up another win or two we can get going. But everyone is getting distance on us its becoming increasingly difficult.

I hat to say it but does anyone else think Berbatov is becoming a bit lazy?

#26 Guest_hotspur147_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 24 September 2007 - 09:53

yesterday on sky sports alan mullary said it was like watching "boxers & fighters".spurs were the boxers,full of style,grace,movement off the ball and good passing.bolton the fighters were of course physical, strong and hard to break down.
in recent years the reebok has'nt been a happy hunting ground for us so a draw is an acceptable result.

#27 Guest_CO_Spurs_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 24 September 2007 - 18:54

QUOTE (hotspur147 @ Sep 24 2007, 03:53 AM)
in recent years the reebok has'nt been a happy hunting ground for us so a draw is an acceptable result.

Agree in principle, but considering our results so far and the fact our next 2 league matches are against Villa and Liverpool, I think this was unacceptable. I feel Bolton are one of the worst sides right now and we dropped points we need. The near future league-wise does not look good. After Villa and Liverpool we have to go to St James' Park and then host Blackburn. That will get us to the end of October. How many points do we really think we can get from those games? I think worst case scenario 1, best case maybe 4-5 (a win and 1-2 draws)? That would put us at 10 points after 11 games which is relegation material (I'm not saying we are going to be relegated, just that's the pace we're on).


#28 Guest_Dan_JM_*

  • Group: Guests

Posted 24 September 2007 - 19:15

anyone got highlights? - missed MOTD2

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